Using Linkedin for Success


  • Winning you’re biggest contract this year which keeps the bank manager at bay
  • Building a high quality network
  • Increasing your companies brand awareness
  • Increasing your sales opportunities

And can you believe it, it can all start from your own sofa, whilst wearing your pyjamas?

With 2 people joining per second and everyone from CEOs of major corporations  to budget holders, key influencers and decision makers involved, Linkedin has become the professionals way of making contact, building trust and increasing business opportunities.

What’s more you don’t need to wait for an introduction. By learning how to build trust and authenticity in your communication you can become the “go to” person and “go to” organisation.

You can spread your influence and credibility far wider, creating a broad network of contacts and helpful sources which reaches across all spheres and levels of influence.

Linkedin is used to:

  • Build databases and generate leads
  • Win customers and build trust
  • Research companies and people
  • Headhunt and recruit
  • Demonstrate expertise and share best practise
  • Keep on top of current topics and develop a brand as a thought leader
  • Market research and  listen to what  current and prospective customers are thinking then formulate solution to meet their needs

With  a track record of over  20 years in the field of excellence  in  award winning  design of training and development programmes, we teach individuals within corporate organisations how to:

  • Optimise your profile to ensure maximum exposure
  • Generate good will and build trust
  • Create an online personality that has integrity, value and credibility
  • Increase your online research skills and natural curiosity
  • Use what you have to offer to generate a larger than expected response
  • Maximise turn out at events
  • Position yourself as an expert or thought leader
  • Turn  online communication into face to face meetings
  • Measure your effectiveness using Linkedin tools

Ultimately, our Professional Linked in for Business Course, will increase your network, raise your company’s brand awareness and  increase your sales opportunities.

All work includes both professional and personal development and includes marketing and strategic thinking for business success. Continuous support, buddy systems and a flexible learning environments ensures easy learning and “healthy competition to increase personal performance” between colleagues.

Contact us to find out more click here or call our office on 0131 564 0768 or direct on 078 11 37 35 82. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Im half way through this course with Norma now and i can already see the benefits!

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